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How Super Million Hair Building Fiber works?

Super Million Hair is specially-processed antibacterial vegetable fiber. It bonds to your natural hair with static electricity so securely that your hair looks as if new hair has grown. Spraying Super Million Hair Mist over Super Million Hair and your natural hair gives your hair a fuller, natural look that stays in place for hours, even in rain, wind, and sweat.

The Steps


Super Million Hair should be applied in dry and shampooed hair for best results. Applying fibers in wet or oily hair will not give natural results.


Super Million Hair Fibers bond to your natural hair with static electricity so securely that it looks as though new hair has grown.


Spraying Super Million Hair Mist over your complete style will help your natural, fuller look stay in place for hours, even in wind, rain and sweat.

How To Apply

Ensure hair is dry before application for an enhanced natural look. Super Million Hair should not be used in wet and oily hair.

Position the bottle upside down on the balding area you want to conceal. Then, pat the bottle lightly.

Gently pat the area of application with your hand allowing Super Million Hair Fibers to blend with your natural hair.

Spray the Super Million Hair Mist 15cm above the hair fibres to lock in your desired look. Do not touch your hair for 15 minutes after applying.

Expertly Made by Japan

Building high quality and successful products is not just enough!
We ensure that our products have the best features and natural ingredients to deliver the results you deserve.


Expertly Designed Bottle

The caps on the Super Million Hair Fiber bottles are designed to drop a uniformed number of fibers onto the thinning area while applying to give the most natural look.


Hygienic Fiber

To keep this product clean and safe for your scalp, hygienic fibers have been used that help to discourage bacteria reproduction. This helps to keep the Super Million Hair Fibers clean and usable for a long period of time, even after opening.


Quality Assured

Super Million Hair is made under strict manufacturing regulations and is produced in a clinically clean environment. Strict quality control is in check to ensure that all our items are 100% safe.


Quantity Secured

We have placed a small window panel on the bottles to help you keep track of the quantity of fiber left in the bottle.


Enhanced Components

Super Million Hair Fibers contain components that, when worn, protect your skin from ultraviolet ray exposure.


Expertly designed Fibers

The hair fibers have been sized into 0.3 to 0.5mm pieces. Different sized fibers help to add volume to the hair and cover the thinning area naturally.

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