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Frequently asked Questions

Super Million Hair Fibers bond to your natural hair with static electricity so securely that it looks as though new hair has grown. The Super Million Hair Fibers are then set with a specially formulated mist for long lasting results that are wind, water and sweat resistant.

No, Super Million Hair will not fall out in rain or wind. When dry, Super Million Hair Mist protects your hair from rain, wind, or sweat, and keeps Super Million Hair firmly in place. Simply towel dry wet hair. Do not rub your head or hair.

Standard firm-holding hair sprays sold on the market emit pressure that is too strong for the Super Million Hair Fibres. This can make the fibres uneven and out of place. Standard hair sprays are great for setting hairstyles but are harsh on your scalp. Super Million Hair Mist is specially designed to not harm your scalp and contains ingredients that help fight against balding.

No, Super Million Hair Fibers will not stain your clothes. If you get it on your clothes accidently, it will dust off easily.

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